Forbes - Bio Boards in the leAD Sports Accelerator

leAD has identified the 16 ventures they believe will change the face of sports on a global scale.

After launching earlier this year, leAD has spent the past several months receiving applications, interviewing founders, screening ventures and choosing the participants for the inaugural leAD sports accelerator program.

The program was founded by Klaus, Horst and Stefan Bente—the grandsons of Adidas Founder Adi Dassler—with the aim of honoring their grandfather's legacy and supporting sports entrepreneurship and innovation.


Photo provided by leAD

Adidas Founder Adi Dassler with grandchildren.

Leveraging the brand equity of the legendary sports entrepreneur (Adi Dassler) and the iconic brand he created (Adidas), the program attracted the attention of the global sports business community.

The accelerator received 480 applicants from 22 countries.

Of the 480 applicants, only 16 teams were selected to participate in the 3-month accelerator program in Berlin, Germany.

The startups selected will receive mentorship, training, legal services, access to capital and a network of sports industry experts, among other benefits.

The journey begins on September 12th when all participating teams will report to the accelerator.

From there, the 16 startups will compete to advance to the semifinal round, set to begin October 11th.

The 10 startups chosen for the semifinal round will receive 25,000€ (nearly $30,000) from leAD in exchange for 8% equity in their companies.

The program culminates with a demo day on December 7th, where the remaining companies will present their finalized business plans to investors for potential investment.

16 companies enter, but only one can win.


Photo provided by leAD

Bio Boards co-founder Diogo Oliveira

Bio Boards developed the LandSurf, a skateboard that through its innovative setup allows you to perform unique surf tricks and maneuvers on land. Using advanced research technics, they’ve mapped the biomechanics of sur ng and engineered a board that perfectly recreates the sensation of surfing on the land. The development was done in corporation with professional surfers. Additionally, the board is made of recycled materials only.

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